Ash (GP) General Purpose

  • Over one-third of the materials come from sustainable sources
  • Contains high quantities of graded wood particles
  • 0.01 road miles associated with each metre of Ash GP produced

Ash GP – Medium Dense Concrete Block

Lignacite offers a range of fine textured, load bearing blocks, suitable for facing and general purpose applications. The blocks consists of a specially formulated mix which reduces the block density producing a solid block under 20kg unit weight.

Features & Benefits

  • Good surface key for the direct application of plasters and renders
  • For use internally and externally above and below ground
  • High levels of air tightness, sound insulation and fire resistance

Technical Info

Mean Unit Strength:

3.6, 7.3, 10.4N/mm2

Net Dry Density:

1450 kg/m3

Thermal Conductivity:

0.47 at 3% moisture content (Internal use)

0.51 at 5% moisture content (External use)

Ash GP blocks are manufactured with a scratched surface to aid the key of plaster and render finishes.They have a face size of 440m x 215mm and are available in 100mm and 140mm widths in solid form only.

Ash GP blocks can be considered for use in the following locations:
• Inner and outer leaves of external
cavity walls
• Internal walls, including fire break walls
• Separating walls including those conforming to Robust Detail specifications
• External and internal walls below ground (7.3N/mm2 strength blocks should be used to walls exposed to the external ground)
• Infill units to beam and block flooring