A Factory for the Future

Our new state-of-the-art facility brings benefits to customers and the environment.

Focused On Progress

At Lignacite, we don’t like to sit still. That’s why we have invested in a brand-new factory at our Brandon site. From the machinery installed to the energy used to power it, we’ve given thought to every aspect of this build to boost efficiency, quality and consistency.

The Factory Floor

On the factory floor, a power factor correction ensures that the electricity taken is used efficiently, so we don’t waste energy within the plant. We’ve also installed efficient inverters to run more than 90% of our motors. In addition, twin motors will be used to operate our mixers. This will minimise processing times and energy use, producing faster results than ever before.

Cutting Waste

We have also reduced our mixer sizes at the site, cutting the risk of dumped mixes and mitigating a huge potential source of waste. When the mix comes to be cured, it enters heavily insulated chambers, which stay warmer for longer.

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We haven’t just paid attention to the production line


Light to the facility is supplied by a low-energy system.


Forklifts powered by HVO fuel do the heavy lifting.


Solar panels provide the factory with an ongoing supply of renewable energy.


Water to the facility is also sourced on-site, thanks to our very own borehole.

The Result?

Even better service and products for our customers and reduced energy and waste for us.
Want to know more? You can see our factory build unfold by watching this video.

Development Milestones: In Pictures

Lignacite New Factory - March and April 2022
March & April 2022: To kick off the development of our new manufacturing plant, several walls were removed from the existing building to create additional access points. Meanwhile, the floor was reinforced to support the heavy-duty equipment and machinery due for installation.
May 2022: Foundations were dug and filled with concrete to support the outside elements of the plant, including the silos and batching house. Work then began on the housing for the wet infeed belt, which is used to carry material to the block machines inside the plant.
Lignacite New Factory - June 2022
June 2022: As the production line started to take shape, wet material hoppers and safety access gantries were installed inside the plant.
July & August 2022: Floor rails were installed across the plant to transport blocks from the production line to the curing chambers.
Lignacite New Factory - September 2022
September 2022: Cranes lift the frame for the new batching house into position at the rear of the factory.
Lignacite New Factory - October 2022 - Final
October 2022: Metal frames were carefully erected on-site to create two bespoke, large-scale curing chambers.
Lignacite New Factory - November 2022
November 2022: More progress was made with further electrical work and the fitting of walls and doors to the frames of the curing chambers.
Lignacite New Factory - December 2022
December 2022: The batching house was erected outside, another significant milestone in the build! This section of the plant will be used to store the dry materials prior to mixing.
Lignacite New Factory - January 2023
January 2023: We continued to install the electrical infrastructure for the mixer tower. We also erected and cladded the aggregate holding bins outside the factory.
Lignacite New Factory - February 2023
February 2023: We began installing the high-tech block machines that were purpose-built for our new factory.
Lignacite New Factory - March 2023
March 2023: All hands were on deck constructing the first of two new production lines.
Lignacite New Factory - April 2023
April 2023: Further strides were taken to complete Production Line 1.
Lignacite New Factory - May 2023
May 2023: Our focus shifted towards the construction of Production Line 2.

Witness The Commissioning of Production Line 1