• Solid, cellular, and hollow block types are available.
  • Fair- Faced. For locations requiring a consistent colour and close textured block face.
  • Paint-Grade, for locations where a consistent close textured face is required as a background for direct painting

Lignacite – Medium Dense Concrete Block

Lignacite SP is available in a 140mm width solid block. It consists of a specially formulated mix which reduces the block density to produce a solid block under 20kg unit weight. It is available in all grades. There is a slight colour difference between the traditional
block and the Lignacite SP.

Features & Benefits

  • Medium density fine textured blocks in Fair-Faced & Paint-Grade block finish
  • For use internally and externally above and below ground
  • High levels of air tightness, sound insulation and fire resistance

Technical Info

Mean Unit Strength:

3.6, 7.3, 10.4N/mm2

Net Dry Density:

Lignacite (all strengths): 1570kg/m3

Lignacite SP: 1450kg/m3

Thermal Conductivity @ 3% moisture content:

Lignacite (all strengths): 0.90W/mK

Lignacite SP: 0.79 W/mK

Lignacite blocks are medium grey in colour with a fine textured surface. Lignacite GP blocks have a scratched surface. There is a slight colour difference between the traditional block and the Lignacite GP. Lignacite GP has a striated face, providing an enhanced key for plastering and rendering. It is available in 100 and 140mm solid form only.


Lignacite blocks are suitable for use in commercial and housing projects. Fair-Faced and Paint-Grade blocks can be used to construct internal walls in commercial, industrial and leisure buildings. The blocks can be used for the following:

  • The inner and outer leaves of external cavity walls
  • Internal walls including fire break walls
  • Separating walls including those conforming to Robust Detail specifications
  • External and internal walls below ground (3.6N/mm2 blocks can be used in both inner leaf and internal walls; 7.3N/mm2 blocks to other locations)
  • Infill units to beam and block flooring
  • Fair-Faced blocks are recommended for internal use



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