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Stone Faced Masonry blocks offer the customer the opportunity to use high quality natural stone, namely granite and marble in a conventional manor using a bed of mortar and in a very cost-effective way.


stone Faced available in 2 colours

Facing Masonry Range – Stone Faced Masonry

Stone Faced Masonry is an extremely durable cost effective ‘granite or marble’ product of the highest quality and strength.

A granite or marble faced masonry product is formed by the bonding of a stone slip to a standard masonry product. This system has been rigorously tested by CERAM Building Technology and Warrington Fire Research.

They are made to order in one size 440mm long x 100mm wide x 215mm high and at present there are two stone options, black granite (Midnight) and white marble (Moonlight).

The only available finish is polished. These products offer load-bearing units that have polished faces of an exceptional calibre, for example the black granite Midnight Polished block has a sheen that is the equivalent of a mirror finish.

Manufacturing Process – The granite and marble slips are approximately 10mm thick and they are bonded onto 90mm thick Lignacrete dense concrete backing blocks. The bonding process uses the latest construction adhesive technology and this has been rigorously tested for shear resistance and for pull-off. In addition the finished product has been subjected to a fire test and a freeze thaw process.

Specials Shapes – A small range of special shapes can be produced. These include quoins (to various external angles), polished one face and one end blocks and pistol blocks.

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