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Design Guidance

The Lignacite Design Guidance Technical Handbook 2015 is now available to download from the menu below. You can choose to download the individual sections or the complete handbook.

The handbook covers the following subjects: Appearance and Colour, Dimensional, Co-ordination, SettingOut and Curved Walls, Part L Energy Efficiency, Fire Resistance, Fixings, Lintels, Masonry Specifications, Mortar, Movement, Sound Insulation and Structural Design.

The downloads are available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format which will enable you to download.

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Design Guidance - 2018

(full version, all sections)

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Appearance and Colour - Section 1.0

The Lignacite range of Facing Masonry blocks has continually evolved so that today distinctive buildings can be created to suit both classical and contemporary designs.

The range of subtle and bold colours and textures enables buildings to be created in harmony with their surroundings.

Products are available to blend with traditional local materials, such as natural stone, or to enable bold individual statements.

Dimensional, Co-ordination, Setting Out and Curved Walls - Section 2.0

The size of a block sets the scale and pattern of coursing on a wall which is bold and dominant - but which will show up any mismatches between coursing and openings. A window or door opening which does not relate to blockwork dimensions looks very unsightly, wastes time and money on site, and may even be impossible to build.

Fire Resistance - Section 3.0

Excellent periods of fire resistance can be achieved, satisfying the requirements of Building Regulations and other regulatory requirements. Fire resistance values are shown in accordance with the latest European standards.

Fixings - Section 4.0

Our products can provide a strong background and good pull-out strength, allowing light, medium and heavy weight fixtures to be global safely supported. Consideration should be given to the use of solid blocks wherever heavy duty equipment is required to be fixed to the blockwork.

Lintels - Reinforced Beam and Trough Lintels - Section 5.0

Lignacite Ltd produces two distinct types of lintel - the
conventional reinforced Beam Lintel and the Trough Lintel Block which is infilled with reinforced concrete on site. Both are
available in most of our product ranges.

Masonry Specification - Section 6.0

To assist in compiling a specification for Lignacite’s masony products, the following tools are available.

NBS Plus Product information from the NBS Plus library of product clauses is available in NBS specification products. It has been created by NBS for Lignacite Ltd. The clause is authored in NBS format and is intended for inclusion in project specifications. The clause can be copied and pasted into your project specification document. To find out more about producing specifications for building projects visit

Lignacite’s Specification Builder

Available on our web site www.lignacite, the Specification Builder provides product specification clauses for our entire product range. These are available in PDF and word format, the latter allowing you to modify the clause to suit a particular application. The Specification Builder can be accessed on our web site via the Technical Centre tab.

Mortars - Section 7.0

The selection of mortar for an application is very important and should take into consideration structural requirements, the type of construction, position in the building and degree of exposure. In addition, when specifying Lignacite Facing Masonry, the designer will need to select the appropriate colour of mortar in relation to the colour and texture of the facing units.
Guidance for the specification of mortar for durability can be assessed in accordance with Published Document PD 6697. This provides recommendations for the quality of masonry units and mortar designations for various conditions of use, such as work below or above the external ground level.

Movement Control - Section 8.0

All buildings and building components move during their lifetime. The movement considered here is not the serious, structurally damaging kind, but the sort usually caused by changes in temperature or moisture which can lead to cracks which are unsightly and which may let in water.

Part L - Energy Efficiency Standards from 2014 - Section 9.0

Building Regulations Part L 2013 is intended to deliver a further improvement to the energy efficiency of new buildings. This guidance is focused on the changes that affect new dwellings as well as non-domestic buildings. It provides a commentary on the new changes and compliant wall solutions using Lignacite Limited products.

The new changes took effect from the 6th April 2014

Sound Insulation - Section 10.0

Our product ranges provide an extensive number of block solutions for walls, to satisfy the performance standards of Part E of the Building Regulations, as well as the specific needs of builders and designers.

The solutions presented offer high levels of performance and can achieve compliance through Robust Details and pre-completion testing.

Performance standards are also imposed by other guidance documents such as Building Bulletin 93‘ ‘Acoustic Design of Schools – A Design Guide’.

Structural Design - Section 11.0

Structural information is provided for the design of loadbearing and non-loadbearing walls in accordance with Eurocode 6, as well as information on the use of cellular and hollow blocks and the design of stack bonded masonry walls.



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