IN-HOUSe cpd for architect training

Teach your team about the versatility of concrete blocks with our architect CPD sessions

If you’re looking for RIBA-approved architect training to be delivered at a time and location that suits you, this CPD seminar could be the perfect fit.

Specifically designed for new recruits at your practice, we will give fresh architecture graduates and apprentices an insight into the modest – yet mighty – concrete block.

CPD seminar features

This session will:

  • Detail the properties and performance of concrete blocks
  • Help your team earn vital CPD credits
  • Reveal how blocks can fit into sustainable design
  • Showcase the versatility of block construction

Arrange your session

This CPD is delivered by knowledgeable Specification Manager, Miles Hogg. It can be delivered at your practice or any other location that works for you!

If you’d like to sign up your team, get in touch with Miles by calling 07801 926978 or emailing

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