“The Lignacite Commodity block now has improved Weighted Sound Reduction Index Rw (dB) values.

Lignacite concrete blocks are renowned for their exceptional sound insulation qualities, surpassing the performance based on the ‘mass law’ curve.

Recent testing by Lignacite Ltd has sought to investigate the enhancement that can be realised by applying acoustic linings to a 140mm wall built using Lignacite SP blocks.

The linings comprised Isocheck Isowave 23 and resulted in a significant uplift in the base level performance, achieving a sound reduction of 56 dB and 65 dB, Rw when applied to one and both faces of the wall.

These results make Lignacite blockwork suitable for applications that require demanding levels of sound insulation to be complied with. Click here to download the latest technical data sheet, or call us on 01842 810678 for more information”.

CB Lignacite Datasheet Download

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