RoofBLOCK, the innovative alternative to traditional soffits and fascias, recently won the ‘Best off-site construction product’ award at Plan Expo Dublin.

RoofBLOCK contains a secondary aggregate, china clay sand, which is a by-product of the china clay industry. The judges not only saw the eco-friendly masonry blocks as an attractive feature to enhance any building, but as a much longer-lasting solution to the current costly and unsustainable method of continually repainting or replacing rotting timber or faded plastic roof overhangs.

Instead of creating a maintenance problem on the exterior of our homes with timber based roof overhangs, RoofBLOCK provides a sustainable, maintenance-free finish between the walls and roof tiles that lasts for the lifetime of the building.

It’s also a safer option. With 14 deaths and 1,200 major injuries every year from falls from height in the UK, Health & Safety legislation now requires clients, designers and contractors to eliminate construction hazards or risk criminal convictions. RoofBLOCK requires no maintenance, and therefore means fewer journeys up ladders for construction workers.

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