Sound Absorption – There is growing interest in materials that are effective at reducing reverberated noise in schools, sports facilities, public buildings and conference rooms as well as stairways and other common areas within flats to comply with the latest Building Regulation requirements.
Tests on Lignacite’s Premier 140mm cellular blocks have found their sound absorption characteristics  to be considerably better than established data for common masonry materials. The tests concluded that a Class D rating is achieved which allows walls built with Premier 140mm cellular blocks to make a significant contribution towards reducing long reverberation times or echoes and helps to improve speech intelligibility.

‘’Successful recent designs have included fair faced blockwork (having Class D absorbent finish) from ground floor up to 3m, in addition to a Class C perforated roof liner. This provides adequate distribution of absorption and diffusion within the listener plane, in addition to an impact resistance finish.’’

Quotation taken from the Acoustic Performance Standards for Educational Buildings, contained within PSBP 2012.

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