Lignacite Ltd shrinks carbon footprint Lignacite Ltd, the East Anglia-based block manufacturer, has reduced its CO2 emissions by 44.5%, according to a new report by the Carbon Trust.

The independent report shows that the reduction in CO2 is due to increased production efficiency from the company’s recently commissioned plant: the new machinery has raised output at the same time as saving energy. A large part of the saving also comes from the new, well-insulated curing chambers. They make better use of the heat produced by the exothermic reaction of the blocks as they cure and so need little additional heating.

‘We’re very pleased with the figures from the Carbon Trust report,’ said Managing Director, Giles de Lotbinière, ‘because we were always very keen to make sure that the new plant saved energy as well as increasing production.’

‘We’re going to be looking very carefully at the Trust’s report to find other ways that we can save energy,’ he added.

Lignacite Ltd has a long history of sustainable production, having used recycled materials in blocks for over 60 years. The ‘Lignacite’ medium density block contains a high proportion of recycled wood particles; a renewable source of aggregate that would otherwise be placed in landfill sites.

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