Special Shapes

We manufacture an extensive range of standard cut, cut and bonded and cast shapes.

In addition, special units can be produced to designers’ specifications.


Special Shapes – Facing Masonry

We manufacture an extensive range of standard cut, cut and bonded and cast shapes. In addition, special units can be produced to designers’ specifications.

Whilst our blocks and shapes are produced at the same factory differences in colour and finish may occur as a result of the hand manufacturing processes used to produce shapes. We therefore recommend that the potential use of shapes be discussed with our staff during the design stages of projects.

Block type, shape and surface differences can, of course, be positively exploited and included as part of the intended design features.

Machine Made Shapes

Some L-shaped quoin and reveal blocks are produced using our automated blockmaking machine. This enables a cost effective option to be offered in some cases though such units can vary in appearance to machine made blocks which

are made at a different time.

Cast Standard Shapes

Standard cast shapes include Copings and Lintels. Cast shapes are hand-made in individual moulds and therefore colour and texture may vary between these units and blocks made on the block machine.

Cast Special Shapes

We have great experience in producing all manner of specially shaped and sized units, including curves and large reinforced units. In order to ensure correct manufacture to specifiers’ requirements, sketches of each special shape, dimensioned in all planes, surfaces and angles, are required.

Cut Standard Shapes

A wide range of standard shapes is available, cut from blocks (see data sheet). Variations in appearance may occur between cut and uncut faces, although this is minimised by the finishing process– eg, by polishing. (Note: polishing and planishing reduces each face by approximately 3mm).

Cut Special Shapes

Many special shapes can be cut from rectangular blocks; the possibilities are extensive and limited only by block size (440x215mm or 390x190mm) and thickness (up to 215mm or in some cases 280mm). Cut specials are inherently

quicker to produce and more cost effective than cast specials.

Cut and Bonded Shapes

Where consistency of appearance between blocks and shapes is required we strongly recommend the use of cut and bonded units.

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