About us.

Lignacite’s block manufacturing plants located in Norfolk and Essex, are responsible for producing over 100,000 blocks per day, enough blocks for building approximately 100 houses. The company works closely with many of the leading builders merchants throughout East Anglia and the City (South East) as well as supplying many major house builders and contractors.

The blocks have been used in major city projects, many of these in London, and the fleet of FORS Gold accredited lorries enable the company to deliver to almost any site in the capital. An important consideration for contractors in cities. Recent examples include the development of Battersea Power Station, Chelsea Barracks and the new Google Headquarters.

Bespoke service for every project.

Our wide range of Cast Stone masonry can be incorporated, creating interesting and decorative features to windows and door surrounds. Matching quoins and cills are available as standard or bespoke items. Architectural Facing Masonry has been used by Berkeley Homes in Woolwich Arsenal where our polished facing masonry features in the communal areas.

The Royal Wharf in London also features Lignacite’s Snowstorm weathered blocks. These were used as the alternative to stone cladding originally specified in the build. This represented an excellent replacement alongside considerable savings as well as providing a sustainable alternative to stone.

Core values and our range of products.

Much has changed over the years; however our core values and principles have endured. We remain dedicated to supplying added value, bespoke concrete and masonry which is designed, sourced and manufactured in the UK.

From the early days of using local wood shavings, to today, where every Lignacite product contains a high degree of recycled and waste material.

From a single product, we now produce a range of blocks to meet every need. These vary from lightweight for use by housebuilders to high density structural blocks such as those which support The Shard or form the central core of The Gherkin.

All our products contain recycled material.

Lignacite, our original block, contains 50% whereas our lightweight Ashlite block contains over 90% including ash, glass, wood and waste from blast furnaces.

All our delivery vehicles are Euro 6 compliant and our transport fleet is fully FORS Gold accredited which enables us to deliver our blocks throughout congested central London.

We are committed to continuing an extensive R&D programme ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of the construction industry.