Lets talk about our Fibo 850 block. What is it?

Fibo 850 is a ~load-bearing concrete block manufactured from expanded clay aggregates and a mixture of other naturally occurring raw materials and cement.

> A thermally efficient block, suitable for general purpose walling applications. Ideal for use in housing and extensions.

> It has a face size of 440mm x 215mm in 100mm and 140mm widths and is produced in solid form only.

Here’s some of the many benefits & features of the block:

  • High thermal insulation
  • One- hand lift – and quick to lay
  • Good background for direct application of plasters and renders – no bonding agents required
  • Fixings can be easily made and held securely. Ideal back ground for direct nailing
  • High levels of fire protection – up to 2 hours for 100mm loadbearing walls

For technical information, data sheets and enquiries, please visit our website on:  www.lignacite.co.uk