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Lignacite committed to a Sustainable Strategy for Masonry

In 2012 Lignacite Ltd committed to a ‘Sustainable Strategy for Masonry’. This initiative has been the catalyst to enable us to respond to the construction industry’s need for industry-wide reporting of sustainability performance as well as delivering on our commitment for continuous improvement. 2017 continues to see Lignacite striving for improved manufacturing processes and products.

All Lignacite’s blocks contain recycled materials, one is consistently chosen for its sustainable credentials – ‘Lignacite’; the other is a carbon negative based block designed to offer a solution to the Government’s commitment to zero carbon - the ‘Carbon Buster’.

 Lignacite   Lignacite GP


The 'Lignacite' block, with key benefits for the build process including high fire resistance, excellent sound insulation, good thermal performance, a range of face finishes and with a recycled content of up to 48% has continued to reinvent itself over the years.  The wood was first used because it was plentiful and there was a general shortage of building blocks just after the war.  It transpired that this material not only produced a lighter block than conventional concrete, but that it made for lighter, smoother block.

Conventional concrete made with stone ultimately shatters under intense heat.  The wood in Lignacite is locked up in the matrix of the block thus denying oxygen to the flames.  This means a Lignacite blocks calcifies and hardens in a fire, giving a superior fire rating and performance.

The fact wood locks up C02 due to photosynthesis has meant more recently its environmental credentials have been even more widely recognised, thus adding benefits to projects using Lignacite blocks.

The Architects of some of the country’s most iconic buildings made have this choice.

The Shard Clouds the gherkin olympic stadium

Carbon Buster CARBON BUSTER - Medium Dense Block (

Lignacite’s Carbon Buster is the world’s first building block to capture more carbon dioxide than is emitted during its manufacturing (14kg per ton). This high-performing masonry product, was developed by Lignacite in collaboration with Carbon8 Aggregates, using their award winning Accelerated Carbonation Technology. The block incorporates more than 50% recycled material – including Carbon8 pellets (which are made of thermal residue from waste to energy plants), water and carbon dioxide. The result is a high performing masonry product, and the first ever building block, which has captured more carbon dioxide than is emitted during its manufacture; 14kg CO2 per tonne of blocks to be exact. 

The Carbon8 aggregate used in the Carbon Buster won the 2013 National Recycling Awards for Best Recycled Product. Research was undertaken and qualified by the University of Greenwich’s School of Science.

Hopkins Carbon buster Victoria Theatre 2016 rhp Gresham Court Hughes Hall01

  • Hopkins Homes, ( which is one of the fastest growing property developers in the UK has been using the Carbon Buster block in all their homes. Based on 600 dwellings across 30 developments per year, this has meant that in the 25,000 square metres of Carbon Buster blocks supplied to Hopkins per year, 3,500 more tonnes of CO2 have been locked up in the blocks than were emitted by the manufacturing and delivery of these blocks. This is equivalent to saving the CO2 generated by nearly 2,000 cars in an average year.
  • Victoria Palace Theatre, Westminster, London SW1E 5EA. – Carbon Buster was used as part of the refurbishment programme on this prestigious city landmark.
  • Hughes Hall College, Gresham Court Graduate Accommodation - rhPartnership. - This university project used 5,000m2 of the Carbon Buster to form the foundations of the building.

For further information please visit our website A full colour Swatch Guide showing all our block finishes can be requested via our website as well as many other useful documents including a Design Guidance booklet. We offer a CPD on the benefits and uses of concrete masonry. Please contact us for further details on 01842 810678




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