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Future zero carbon rules for London

how Carbon Buster from Lignacite can give you head start

Future zero carbon rules for London

From October 1, the London Plan will require housing in the capital to meet standards that are 35% stricter than Part L of building regulations – or to pay cash in lieu into a carbon offset fund.

This new target will have to be met by increasing amounts of thermal insulation, and renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic panels. It will also affect the block industry by having to achieve even lower U-values. Lignacite has a significant number of wall options that achieve below 0.20 taking into account the latest insulation materials. See our Thermal Guide update

Whilst recognising the above information, contractors and builders can have a head start by considering the Carbon Buster block now.

The Lignacite Carbon Buster block absorbs more CO2 than has been emitted in it's creation.
So by definition, using the Carbon Buster compared to normal concrete blocks, glass, steel or aluminium ensures the contractor is reducing emissions before the building even starts.
Fact: Unlike other materials, 'concrete' blocks go on re absorbing CO2 for their lifetime thereby further reducing emissions.
Fact: Concrete blocks are thermally very efficient compared to glass, steel or almost any other building material.

Fact: Unlike glass or steel, 'Carbon Buster' concrete blocks heat up slowly and then retain that heat for long periods of time.

So there are 3 benefits to using the Carbon Buster:
    1.    They are carbon negative to start with
    2.    They continue to absorb CO2 during their lifetime
    3.    They are highly efficient "heat sinks" compared to other building materials
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